Anime Review: Plastic Little – The Adventures of Captain Tita

Hello again, time for another Anime Review. Once again, I decided to journey through the anime section of my local used book store to see if I could find some rare classics for a low price. When you’re a student in college who’s making minimum wage, if you can find cheap or free entertainment, then by all means go for it. So I found a few classic films there which I will be reviewing in the coming week or so. One of them is this one called Plastic Little – The Adventures of Captain Tita


Title: Plastic Little – The Adventures of Captain Tita

Year: 1994
Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Comedy
Format: OVA (Original Video Animation) – One Shot
Length: 55 Minutes

Plastic Little is a one shot OVA that was released in 1994 by manga illustrator and director Satoshi Urushihara. It was localized in English by ADV Films. A one volume manga was released in 2004 but other than that, there hasn’t really been any true follow up to this story. Which is a shame because after watching this film, I felt that it has potential to grow as a story; or be remade and fleshed out in an anime TV series. But alas, this is the only piece of animated work for this series.


So, to quick overview the story of the anime, the plot centers around Tita, the Captain of a Hunting Ship called the Cha Cha Maru that hunts and captures exotic creatures in the “Cloud sea” of the planet Letta. The ship once belonged to her father and the crew that serves under her command were also once under her father; now loyal to serve under Tita. One day, Tita encounters a blonde girl with a French accent named Elysse who is being hunted by military soldiers. For reasons only God knows, Tita decides to take it upon herself to save Elysse from being captured. It turns out that the government is corrupt and after Elysse to get the password to unlock her scientist father’s research. Elysse’s father was killed by the main antagonist Guizel therefore leaving her as the only living person with the knowledge to unlock his research.

And once again, Tita decides to use her crew and ship to help Elysse take revenge on Guizel for the death of her father. So, the Cha Cha Maru infiltrates the military base, Elysse and Tita somehow manage to overcome a platoon of soldiers and kill Guizel. Then escape the base and destroy and entire military armada in the process.

Damn! Captain Tita is more badass than Rambo!


As you can see by my description of the story, Plastic Little pretty much throws any kind of realism out the window for an action adventure that would make the old 80’s action and sci fi films very proud. Captain Tita is your badass protagonist that just keeps coming back no matter how many times you shoot her. Her personality is actually a good blend of a tomboyish girl that can still be feminine in the right situation.

I do give Urushihara credit in his design of Guizel (Pictured above) though. That is one creepy looking bastard there. Though his character is not nearly featured enough to be properly developed and give us a real reason to truly care about him. That is one of the flaws of this OVA. A 55 minute OVA like this just won’t do the story justice. Something like this needed a full season. At the very least a 10-13 episodes for proper development. We don’t even get to know Tita’s crew very well. Only minor details that are hinted in the runthrough.


Yes, I went there ^^. Why? Because I thought you should know that this is actually a tame shot from the OVA. About half this entire anime is filled with boobs and nudity. In fact you get a 5-7 minute bath scene that is full of boob shots and cliche pervert guys trying to spy on the girls. Of course, with the girls catching them and subjecting them to a painful punishment. Ya’know, the usual Japanimation cliche writing that they just seem to love doing. So, if you’re looking for an anime that has lots of boobs and doesn’t fall under the Hentai banner, look no further than Plastic Little.


Story 6/10 – Not gonna lie, I saw some potential in this story, however, there is no anime follow up to this. Only a one volume manga.

Voice Acting 4/10 – As usual with early 90s anime releases they probably picked up some random people to voice these characters in English. The only voice actress that I thought did a marginally good job was Tita’s who was done by a veteran anime voice actress. Definitely go Japanese with Subtitles.

Dialogue 7/10 – Surprisingly though, for a 90s anime release, the dialogue was pretty decent. Everything seemed to flow smoothly without any forced profanity or anything.

Appeal 5/10 – Unless you want to pleasure yourself with anime boobs, you’re not missing anything all that epic.

Overall 5.5/10 – Plastic Little has potential to be more than it is. No doubt about that. I’d say this is good for a one time viewing if you’re looking to kill some time. Unfortunately, finding any online videos on this proved rather difficult. I may upload the OVA to my Youtube account when I get the chance. But for now, I leave you with a link to download the manga series should you wish to check it out.


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