My Ash Ketchum All Star Pokemon Team

Hey peeps. As we have already gathered, I am a huge Pokemon fan and am not afraid to admit it. Through watching the entirety of the  Pokemon franchise and series, I am going to compile a list of Ash’s best six strongest Pokemon that he would use in an All Star match. Any Pokemon can be added from first generation until today, and also Pokemon Ash has let go or left for further training can still be chosen. For those people who bag Ash out for being the imperfect trainer, this list is for you. Here is my All Star line up:

Pikachu Ash


The original is sometimes the best. Everyone knows of Pikachu and it really is a pick that everyone will have. Ash’s longest friend and his permanent companion, Pikachu has lost some easy matches due to inexperience, but also overcome impossible odds to defeat rivals, gym leaders, and even legendary Pokemon. Pikachu is hit or miss, yet if used right, is one of the greatest and strongest Pokemon Ash could ever have. Pikachu the Electric type will be most handy against Flying and Water type Pokemon. Pikachu’s  skills are it’s agility and large move set. Pikachu’s most notable victories are over Lt. Surge’s Raichu, Lance’s Dragonite, and Brandon’s legendary Ice type, Regice. Pikachu is number one.

Ash Charizard


Ash’s first final form Pokemon. Charizard is most likely Ash’s strongest Pokemon in terms of Raw strength, ability, and ferocity. Originally an abandoned Charmander, Charizard evolved in quick succession from a Chameleon to hit peak very early. As a result, Charizard was too strong and rebellious for Ash’s liking, costing him more matches than any other Pokemon. In season two, Charizard fights a Poliwrath and is beaten by becoming frozen solid in ice. Ash helps Charizard recover and from that point on has been unstoppable. A Flying, Fire Dragon, Charizard is strong against Grass, Bug, and Fighting type Pokemon. His Seismic Toss spells doom for his foes. Charizard’s most notable wins are against Blaine’s Magmar, Noland’s Legendary Ice Bird Articuno, and Gary’s Blastoise/Scizor combination. Charizard is a must have on most teams.



A second generation Pokemon, Heracross is the first Pokemon Ash attains once arriving in the Johto region. Ash wanting to catch this Pokemon, throws out Charizard to beat it down. Despite it’s obvious disadvantages fighting a Fire/Flying type, Heracross belts Charizard up. Ash saves the Heracross colony not so long after from Team Rocket helping get on the good side of Heracross. Eventually, Heracross decides to travel with Ash and become his Pokemon for the keeping. Heracross is a Bug Fighting type who has no evolution forms to be gained. Heracross’ horn, spirit, and power is what makes him such a formidable force. Heracross’ biggest victories have been against Gary’s Magmar and Nando’s Kricketune. Heracross is a very underrated member of Ash’s team and deserves an all star spot for me.



One of Ash’s newer Pokemon, Krookodile has made a big impact with those big sunglasses in tact. A Pokemon that followed Ash for awhile as a Sandile, he challenged Ash and Pikachu many times to a match, coming up short time again. After losing, yet evolving into Krokorok, Ash asked him to join the team. Krokorok did so and became an unstoppable force. Getting trained up by Brycen, Krookodile would become an integral part of Ash’s team. Krookodile is a Dark Ground Type who has a solid Crunch attack. His size, strength and will to win makes him ever so formidable and hard to beat. Krookodile’s most notable wins are against Brycen’s Beartic, Iris’s Dragonite (where it evolved to Krookodile), and Stephen’s Sawk. Krookodile is a lean, mean, cool fighting machine with so much potential.



Glalie the Face Pokemon. Ash had problems with Snorunt, the original form of Glalie, as it was s mischievous little Pokemon whom wanted to troll Ash by stealing his badges, He would catch Snorunt yet Team Rocket would capture and attempt to steal Snorunt and Pikachu. Snorunt not wanting to go with Ash, is battled and defeated making him Ash’s next Pokemon. From that point onwards, Snorunt/Glalie was a force to be reckoned with. Glalie is a fast, but powerful Pokemon that Ash uses in dire circumstances. An Ice type, Glalie’s greatest battles have been against Clark’s Quilava and Charizard, Morrison’s Metang, and Tyson’s Sceptile. A wild card Pokemon, Glalie is one Pokemon who can make a difference from a loss to a win.

Last but not least, my final choice…



The biggest and the baddest, Snorlax is a hungry, sleepy Pokemon whom is ever so dependable. Ash first encounters Snorlax on the Orange Islands as it goes to destroy the Island’s food crops by eating them all. Snorlax is stopped by a performing Jigglypuff before Ash catches it (then falling asleep too). From that point onwards, Snorlax is summoned into battle in a way similar to Charizard. Snorlax is a normal type, who is surprisingly agile for a huge sized Pokemon. It’s Hyper beam knocks down all that stand in front of it and food. Snorlax’s greatest wins come in the shape of Raiden’s Feraligatr, Greta’s Medicham and Hariyama, and Gary’s Arcanine and Nidoqueen. Snorlax is a lovable favorite and worthy of an all star brawl.. And dinner.

There we go peeps, my top 6 all star picks for Ash Ketchum’s line up of Pokemon. Pikachu, Charizard, Heracross, Krookodile, Glalie and Snorlax are the team I would choose for the big match. However because I can, I also have an honorable mention. My 7th and reserve Pokemon for the all stars is…



The Pokemon from straight out of left field. Kingler is Ash’s “Ace in the Hole”. Catching Kingler as a Krabby, Ash never seemingly used Krabby at all. Sending it immediately to Professor Oak, Ash never gets a chance to train Krabby at all. Gary’s Krabby is three times as big and Ash thinks that he has a weak little crab. However at Ash’s first match at the Indigo League, he summons Krabby to take on the water field. Needless to say, Krabby not only wins, yet evolves into a Kingler and becomes even more so powerful. Ash, much apart everyone is shocked how this little crab shuts out Ash’s first opponent. A Water type, Kingler is more than a match to any other Water type with it’s ability to counter, fight, and bash. It’s most notable victories are against Mandi’s Exeggutor, Seadra, and Golbat, Pete’s Cloyster, and Misty’s Poliwhirl. Kingler is underrated, yet very effective when in dire need of a Water field victory.

That is it peeps. Thank you for reading. If I have missed someone you believe should have been in this list, let us know in the comments below. Trust me when I say, it is hard to pick who are the best when there are lots to choose from. I eventually went for type advantage overall and who I thought would make a good team for Ash on a big day. If only Ash had caught Jigglypuff years back..


Zell –


12 thoughts on “My Ash Ketchum All Star Pokemon Team

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  1. YESSSSS! I love reading these kinds of things from people that actually respect Ash for who he is, and is willing to give credit where it’s due even in the B/W series stuff. Your description of Pikachu was spot on btw.

    My personal opinion on what Ash’s all star team would be:

    5.Snorlax or Krokodile (depending upon Ash’s opponent.)
    6.Frogadier (assuming his Froakie evolves)

    If Froakie does not evolve, then his strongest water type would be a toss-up between, like, ALL of his water type Pokemon. Corphish handles amusingly well when confused, Kingler is well, Kingler, Squrtle is bad-ass, And Buizel has strong fighting spirit and fighting ability (spinning aqua jet, inflating and deflating his floatie sac thing, using his tail, etc). I have not seen enough of Oshawott or Palpitoad to form much of an opinion on them though, other than I like Oshawott’s attitude and a ground/water type could come in handy.

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