Hey peeps. I’m going to talk about a feature of Final Fantasy that is on par with the fantastic graphics and story; the dreaded game over screen. We have all seen it. The unluckiest of us have seen it several times. It is not always our fault either. Square (and more recently Square Enix) has always provided us FF gamers with an enemy that has only one purpose, and that is to frustrate and annoy with a cheap kill. I am sure a few are already starting to pop into mind. Some are one offs, where others have become a series staple. Lets get into the list of my top 10 game over enemies.

I am going to do one thing though. Add an honorable mention.


ff basilisk

Honorable Mention – Cockatrice/Basilisk

I thought I would add the Cockatrice and Basilisk as my honorable mention, mainly due to the painful petrify moves they have. Not necessarily strong, these guys thrive on the “Back Attack” and “Ambushed” battles. Multiples of these suck and can lead one to a quick game over screen. Cheap status effects are a good way to get onto this list 😛

10. Iron Giant (Series)

Iron Giant FF8

The ever tough Iron Giant. More than anything, the Iron Giant is annoying to face due to his high physical damage resistance, and his multiple targeting attacks. Facing one or more of these in battle whilst on low health is never any good. In saying that, facing them on full hp is not that much better. Recalling from years back, I remember playing FFX and strolling through the Thunder Plains demolishing fiends left, right, and center. I then happened to face 3 Evil Eyes and an Iron Giant in an ambush. Party confused, slashed, and game over. Wasn’t going to get Odin to save me there, that is for sure. Number 10 is the ever monstrous Iron Giant.

9. Skull Eater FF5

Skull ff5

Aww, look at the cute little squirrel!! I’m a sadist and need experience points so I am just going to kill you and tak… WHAT THE HELL?! Game Over? How? The Skull Eater was someone from Square wanting to troll us all. The fake innocence of a small weak creature, whom actually has high evasion, high defense, and one hit KO moves. That picture above? That cannot tell a better story. The “evil”, but cute Skull Eater is my number 9.

8. Dark Aeons FFX

Dark ifrit FFX

Not so much an enemy, as much of a surprise game over bringer. The dark aeons from Final Fantasy X were cruel. Those not utilizing a walkthrough, walked into random areas of the game after defeating Sin for the first time, to see a cut-scene of a person from Yevon wanting you dead. They often succeeded and gave you that game over screen. The one that stands out most is that darn Yojimbo from the Calm Lands cave Fayth. You have to beat it 6 times straight. That is without leaving the dungeon, nor transporting to the entrance. My first personal encounter with the dark aeons, is when I simply wanted to walk into Besaid and see if I missed anything. Unprepared, I got annihilated by Valefor. Not a great feeling peeps. The dark aeons are number 8 and full of hate. See what I did there?

7. Bomb (Series)

FF Bomb

Bomb uses Self Destruct. *Boom*

Game Over.

Need I say more? Bomb is number 7 with a bang.

6. Grand Dragon FF9

FF9 Grand Dragon

The Grand Dragon of Final Fantasy 9. A tough enemy in the late game, yet a virtually impossible enemy when you first encounter it by accident. Mid way through disc one, whilst heading through Gizamaluke’s Grotto, you have an option to climb up a vine. There is a couple of Moogles however that warn you enemies are tough. Knowing me and my “ooh, experience points time” brain, I took the vine to investigate these so-called “tough enemies”. Big mistake. The Grand Dragon looked at me, blew fire, game over. Me and my stupid brain… I wonder if I am the only one this has happened too. The Grand Dragon pips the aeons for number 6.

5. Yunalesca FFX

Yunalesca FFX

Before the dark aeons, there was a lovely lady with barely any clothes on. Her name is Lady Yunalesca. She is also your guide to the game over screen in FFX. An under nourished team will get dismantled by her raw strength, a powerful team will be destroyed via her zombie status, her speed, and her multiple target attacks. To beat her, (and her 3 forms), you need to be prepared. That is the trick with Yunalesca. You are unprepared due to the previous boss battle a minute earlier. All I can say is Yunalesca is one hell of a surprise present. A deserving number 5.

4. Behemoth (Series)


A serial pest. More renown as a late game enemy, Behemoth is a team destroyer. The funny thing is that Behemoth always seems to be in a dungeon or cave right near a major boss. Albeit beatable, Behemoth’s biggest strength is the fact after you kill one, there is always another. And another. Then another. A boss worthy enemy that appears in random encounters, the only good thing is you can run… Sometimes. My first ever encounter with Behemoth was in one of my favorite FF’s; Final Fantasy 4. I was in the Lair of the Father attempting to obtain Bahamut. I did not know at the time, that there would be 10 straight Behemoth battles at high level, with a penchant of casting Meteo (Meteor). After wearing me down, it eventually took me to a game over with one last Meteo. Behemoth is another staple of the series, and my number 4.

3. Warmech FF1

FF1 Warmech

You would have to be Bad Luck Brian to run into this guy. Warmech from Final Fantasy 1 is, and forever will be, known as the first ever “Superboss” in the series. A lot of people haven’t heard of it, nor seen it, and that is due to its rarity. In the original game, you had a three in sixty-four chance in meeting with this mean dude, on the final bridge before Tiamat. Having that low degree of rarity, you would have to be literally searching for it to find it. If you do run into it however, it pretty much is game over. With monster stats that compare to Chaos, this enemy heals itself with auto-regen, and casts nuclear to destroy your team. Worse thing, the match is usually an ambush too. I have had the honor of fighting this thing once. Never again will I search for my number 3 on this list…

2. Omega Weapon FF5


On the topic of “Superbosses” that are war machines and love destroying your team, we have Omega Weapon. For this article I will be only focusing on the FF5 version. Why is that? Well similar to Warmech above, Omega is a tank that is miles above you in level when you first reach it. The only difference between the two is this:

Omega FFV

This weapon blocks your path. When you first see it, you want to fight it. It then kills you unmercifully and sends you back to your last save. Then you try to avoid it. You then see it has an unorthodox manner of walking and it catches you out just to kill your party again. Omega is another guide to game over. A pain in the a**, Omega is number 2.

What could be worse than an Omega Weapon? My number 1 of course.

1. Malboro (Series)

Malboro FF8

Two words; Bad Breath. Similar to the brand of cigarettes (Marlboro), it is a slow, painful killer. Casting pretty much every status on your party makes it so you are unable to run. Having confuse means you are attacking your teammates. Blind so you cannot even hit them or yourself. And poison to round it all off, that pinches your health away from you slowly but surely. There is no beating a Malboro without a ribbon, Odin, or super farm with no back attack. I have seen the majority of game overs via the Malboro and despise it greatly. It is the only enemy whom I am afraid of facing. Though killing it gives me great joy, it wins today as my number one worst game over enemy in Final Fantasy.

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