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So I have been on the net today as I always do, and come across a rumor/myth at this link:

Now having the nickname Zell, Final Fantasy 8 is really my pet game. Hearing of a rumor stating that Rinoa becomes Ultimecia is really something for me to analyse. Now I have seen the reasons for this,  and I will break them apart for easy referencing.

They look similar
They actually don’t. Have a look below:


The head shape is different The nose is flat (maybe she got kicked in the nose theorists). Her  eyes are differing of color, the iris is off, and not the same shape even. Rinoa’s boobs are smaller and nmot flaunted off as Ultimecia’s are (Wut?) and the mouth is wider and longer. It’s not her, unless facelift expansion and tattoos are the future. That said, the engines and graphics Final Fantasy 8 were using in the day could assist with this rumor, mainly cause most characters did look the same in regards to CGI model. Edea and Adel look similar to Rinoa and Ultimecia due to the base model used. Just when combined and compared, it is false.

She is a sorceress with her powers
Yes she is a sorceress, yet so is Edea. Yes in the game, Rinoa took Edea’s powers and Adel’s powers via death, however through time compression and an altered fate, Edea takes Ultimecia’s power before her death, rendering the connection between the two forever different. By the end, Rinoa only had Adel’s power and Edea’s original sorceress power (which came early in her life from a dying sorceress before the orphanage was a thing), where Edea had Ultimecia’s powers by games conclusion. Time compression confuses stuff up right?

Squall’s dream sequence at the end has Ultimecia in it
The dream sequence had Ultimecia in it, that I won’t deny. However it had Zell, Seifer, and Edea. See, Squall is going through a torture via time compression. He is unstable and not seeing clearly. His memory is being shone upon him and playing games such as Rinoa dying in space. Visualizing Ultimecia is nothing more than Squall’s head going haywire, not an allusion to Rinoa. Rinoa is simply being forgotten about and being warped upon. If anything, I find it great that we got to see Ultimecia in CGI, she was so damn plain and had nothing the whole game. It’d been interesting to actually be Rinoa..

Rinoa turns bad (somehow) and has black wings at the end
Rinoa had black wings right? No that was her hair. She has long black hair. Anyway, that said, Rinoa turning bad makes little sense. Yes Squall does say “If the world turns on you, I’ll be your knight”. What also was said is “I can be a good sorceress like Edea”. A good sorceress needs a knight, and pretty much there is no reason for the world to turn on her when it is run by Laguna in theory.  Another point to bring up, Odine and exorcise a sorceress. After the final battle, why wouldn’t that happen for safety sake? Rinoa doesn’t have to retain the power, and life goes on.

Square denied it, so they are wrong
Also, Square denied it, and right there is enough to end this discussion. Well, they were virtually denying it, but it is safe to say they enjoy the talk still. Let’s be honest, I love Final Fantasy 8, and any talk in regards to giving this game a good legacy, I am all for. I think this was all an accidental coincidence at the start. If they could turn back time, they probably would, as it is interesting and trips balls (as the Japanese do so greatly). However it wasn’t meant to be that so..

Squall’s ring is the same name as the summon
Yes, you do name Griever, quite honestly naming it something stupid makes this funnier (Asshat FTW). It doesn’t mean anything though. It was described as a tough ferocious lion. Maybe it was named after a summon Squall learned about at school. Maybe the summon was named after the ring which survived ages until Ultimecia’s time. See anyone can speculate. Or maybe, just maybe, Squall’s ring had a Griever in it like Solomon’s Ring had a Doomtrain (poor Squall could have had a Griever if he had another 666 items). Dun dun dun. Honestly, the latter minus the sarcasm is the truth. I see the ring holding a power that Ultimecia can work with and therefore Griever the ferocious lion was born. A nod if you will at Squall fighting a feral beast that he is inside (insert “I am an animal” self thoughts here).

Her castle is next to the orphanage
The castle being located at the orphanage? Edea’s SeeD unit were the bodies laced out in front of the castle correct? Conquering Edea’s future SeeDs at their base would be as good as a reason to have your base there. It is Ultimecia’s arrogance to have her fortress there. Besides, Rinoa wanted to meet in the grass patch, not in the ocean. Can I also point out that if Time Compression really existed, Rinoa would’ve merged with Ultimecia there and then. In theory of cause, this is Final Fantasy.

GF’s missed can be found in Ultimecia’s Castle
Not catching the summons in your time means they are available to survive for centuries, walk away from their spot, and travel to her castle. Cause you know, drawn to evil and strength. Rinoa simply didn’t go Ash Ketchum like, catch them all and bring them to her castle for you to have. Rinoa didn’t live to be 4658 years old, that much is for sure.

In Dissidia, Ultimecia says “Shall we dance?”
In Dissidia, Ultimecia’s exclusive weapons are Valkyrie, Cardinal, and Shooting Star
Now FF Dissidia. You know, the non canon game? Her quip about “Shall we dance?” was merely sarcasm referring to Rinoa. Mind games are her thing. They then fought and not danced *cough*. Secondly, yes she uses Rinoa’s weapons exclusively, but was Tidus going to use them? I’d say it is simply a reference to Final Fantasy 8 in general because her using Zell’s gloves, Quistis’ whip, Selphie’s Nunchaku, and Irvine’s gun would be weird. She uses projectile magic, so utilizing a projectile item makes sense. That and it was a non canon game once again. If it was meant to be an allusion, the fact it wasn’t canon buries the possibilities. Might I add, Ultimecia was a good character to use in that game.

I think this rumor is virtually done for. Easily put, Ultimecia was simply a bitch from the future who liked to cause problems for all. If the rumor was Ultimecia is a descendant of Squall and Rinoa’s, I could probably understand that more. Hell, I would accept that willingly. Imagine if Ultimecia was Rinoa’s child. Seeing mummy and daddy fighting their kid who accepted her mother’s power via the womb. Giving Ultimecia a personality would’ve been an idea. Either way, this Rinoa is Ultimecia topic I feel has been dispelled.


Thank you for reading. If there are any other rumors out there needing dispelling, let us know below. Join us here at Pastime Viewpoints for all things entertainment and Final Fantasy.