Hello once again readers. Gil here, back with another review. This time around I’m not going to be reviewing an anime but rather a film adaptation of a manga/anime series. Let’s have a look at the movie adaptation of the popular series Gantz!


Title: Gantz

Year: 2011
Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi
Format: Feature Film
Length: 130 Minutes

Gantz is a manga series written and illustrated by  Hiroya Oku. It began in 2000 and went on for 13 years; ending in 2013. In 2009, it was decided to make a live action adaptation of Gantz that would take place during the course of two films. In 2011,  the first Gantz film was released.

The story of Gantz revolves around the characters of  Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato. After being hit by a train and dying, they wake up in a room with a big black ball named “Gantz” in the center that provides them with weapons and special suits. This equipment being used in missions provided by Gantz to extinguish aliens that have invaded earth. Every mission completed gives them points.

Once a participant has scored 100 points, a “100 point menu” will appear. The menu offers three options:

  • Option 1: the participant can return to their normal life, never having to be summoned by Gantz again. As a price, their memories of Gantz and the missions will be erased.
  • Option 2: the participant obtains a unique and extremely-powerful weapon.
  • Option 3: the participant can revive someone who has died during a mission from Gantz’ memory.

After a mission has been completed, and points have been tallied up, the participants are then allowed to leave, and live their lives as they see fit until Gantz summons them back again for their next mission.


For what its worth, the film adaptation of Gantz isn’t too bad. However, Manga readers will immediately notice the toned down violence and nudity. In the manga, the violence is extremely gory and there is both Male and Female full frontal nudity that pushes this manga to the point where it’s near hentai level. The filmmakers decided to avoid an R18+ (NC-17) rating and toned down the level of sex and violence in the movie.

Also, manga readers may notice that the story is told a little different than in the manga. Certain moments in the manga are retold from a different perspective, sometimes with different characters. The first film brings the story up through the first 3 missions that were in the Manga, The Onion Alien Arc, The Tanaka Alien Arc, and The Buddhist Temple Arc.

If you were to discount the manga, and watch this as a film, it wouldn’t be too bad a watch.  However, this will not appeal to everyone, some manga readers will notice the lack of little details with the filmmakers fitting 3 manga story arcs into one 2 hour film. This, as well as the toned town violence may put off some viewers that were hoping for a more accurate adaptation. But, if you’re interested in seeing what a live action adaption of the Gantz manga is like, more power to you.

The english voice dub acting in the film as well as some of the special effects in the film can be a little cheesy at times, especially during the third arc. Japanese voices are recommended unless you are willing to tough it out.

Overall, I give the live adaptation of Gantz a 6/10. It’s good, but like most anime and manga, it’s quite difficult to replicate and tell the story with only 2 hours of film.