Hey y’all!! I am feeling absolutely miserable today. I am as crook as a dog, and so because of that, I am writing about something that’ll make me feel better. That is talking about Arrow and how season 3 could possibly be the biggest one to date. I’ve been seeing lots and lots of articles popping up lately talking about what they would love to see in the next season. I guess it is my turn. Here it is, the top 5 things Arrow needs in Season 3.

A less brooding “Bat-like”  Arrow

Oliver Queen had a miserable time on the island. Friends killed, tortured by nightmares, and lost the ones he loved.. kind of. He returned to Starling City on a mission, one which was sent via his dying father. Oliver returns and with his list (more on this soon), becomes a vigilante. After losing Tommy, Oliver changed his game and could not return to the merciless killer he was. In Season 2, this was much more evident. However the loss of Moira, could have and should have been Oliver’s darkest day. Instead, the hero in Oliver came out and he defeated Deathstroke without the need to kill.

Oliver has defeated his demons. Now he needs to embrace the heroism that Starling is starting accept. In saying that, he has to cease heading down the path of Batman. He still has people he loves and has not let go of his compassion. Be funny, have a laugh, be the hero. The show can still be dark and serious, it has been one of its greatest strengths. Yet the comparison with Batman is too darn close. Now it is time to become Green Arrow.

The List

Remember this? Considering it was the sole mission Oliver once had, it would be a welcome sight to see it back again. Let’s be honest, as far as Oliver knows, Deathstroke is incarcerated, and Merlyn is dead. In other words, now what? Simply put, it is time to bring back our crime bosses and smaller lesser known villains. I thoroughly enjoyed The Count, Dollmaker, and The Clock King as a side track from the main plot. It helps advance the character buildup, but also, assists in helping the narrative stay fresh.

I believe Oliver needs to grab that list and with Team Arrow go beat down some criminals. The two previous seasons did wonders for Deadshot and Bronze Tiger, now it is time for others such as Big Game, Bull’s Eye, and Komodo.

More time for Diggle and Felicity

Everyone is in love with Felicity. That isn’t too hard to see, however what do we really know about Miss Smoak? Last season provided us with the tiniest bit of information about Felicity. It wasn’t enough to quench anyone’s thirst. I’d love to know her upbringing and how she became the girl Oliver admires. Besides, more Felicity the better right?

On the flip side, Diggle is virtually the most underused character who has been there since the beginning. His rivalry with Deadshot was one of the highlights from Season one. We have had glimpses of his military background, and of his love life, yet there is more story to be told here. Diggle for starters really needed to put the “Hood” on more than once. Let us hope more is done with the pair.

By the way, who hopes they form John Diggle into john Stewart? As a fan of David Ramsey it would be fantastic.

Push Thea into her deepest depths of evil

I like Thea Queen. Actress Willa Holland is not only gorgeous, but she plays someone who is seemingly always on the verge of breaking. Maybe that comes from experience from being on the O.C. Regardless, Thea Queen is now at her lowest depths. Brother is a vigilante and doesn’t care for her (in her mind), mother was an evil conniving b*tch, before being stabbed through the chest by Deathstroke, and her father is the man whom destroyed the Glades being Malcolm Merlyn. Simply put, she’s messed up pretty bad.

Where does a character go from here? With joining Merlyn in the Season 2 ending, she can only go further south before redemption. Thea needs to be what Isabel Rochev could not be. Thea needs to take over Merlyn Industries and merge it with what is left of Queen Consolidated. With her father brainwashing Thea, it would only make sense that he teach her some archery and make Oliver/Roy suffer. Creatively suffer. I can see Thea coming back to normal and playing Speedy in a couple of seasons, but for now, Thea needs to get a promotion in a huge way and tug on those heart strings we all have for this show. Damn you Detective Lance for being so awesome, PLEASE WAKE UP, DON’T DIE!!!! Not random at all…


Bring in more mainstream DC characters

OK now for the fun part. I am just going to write whatever because I have a lot to say and my head is a clusterf*ck. Here are my thoughts.

Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins turn on Oliver. Sara says something and they come after him sort of thing. As a result with Ra’s Al Ghul in town, Oliver needs heavy-duty backup. Amanda Waller brings Deathstroke into the Suicide Squad with an active Harley Quinn recaptured to aid the cause. Of course this isn’t enough, it’s Ra’s Al Ghul dammit. Therefore, backup from Flash and Nightwing is a necessity, not necessarily the pair together of course.

The moral is, big names attract fans. Arrow should have much more fans than it does but it hasn’t received them for whatever reason. When Flash debuted, views went through the roof. That is the key for CW. Big DC names will bring in the crowds. Who would argue with Bane coming in?

They are my top 5 things Arrow needs next season. There are several more I could have added, yet I believe they need to happen in future seasons such as Laurel becoming the Canary, Detective Lance becoming Mayor, and hopefully an appearance by Batman one day. Anyway, that is me done for the day. I am going to pass out on the floor due to the fact my brain has stopped working.

Thanks for reading.