Hey y’all! Banjo Kazooie has always been one of my favorite gaming series to date. It is hard to dislike one of the flagship franchises of the old Nintendo 64. One thing that made this game series great minus the characters, music, and worlds, was the unbelievable amount of mini games. Banjo Kazooie was a game in a game quite frankly. These mini games were so fun, sometimes you just had to play them again and again. So lets talk about the more memorable mini games from the series.

Eat more than Mr. Vile

Mr Vile

What I believe to be the first such mini game in the series,  was a battle with Mr. Vile the Crocodile. Thing is, it wasn’t a typical egg shooting, beak bashing affair. It was a competitive game to see who could eat the most apples in whatever stipulation was on offer. To get the jiggy from Mr. Vile, you had to collect more red apples (yumblies) in round one. In round 2, you had to eat yumblies, but avoid the yellow apples (grumblies). In round 3, the pace picks up and it is what ever apple color is at the top of the screen is what you must eat. The joggers help beat Mr. Vile, however a loss is a chomp on the ass and potential loss of life. Good fun to say the least.

Racing Boggy


Fixing the prone fat Boggy is one thing, then racing him is a whole different level. OK sure the Walrus run is OK, it is the bear and bird run that is the hard part. Once again joggers are your best friend here, however the twisting path and confusing track are a killer. Another thing to point out, Boggy loves to barge you out of the way and taunt a celebratory cheer once overtaking you. If you get too far behind, he talks about how slow you are and ends the race if no ground is gained. A fun little race that feels a whole lot better after victory (and a jiggy).

Memory Match


Memory Match is never really something to fun nor horrifying, that is until you go to Gobi’s Valley. For first time players, it is hard to get a grasp on the order of blocks. On replay it gets easier of course. The thing that makes this game tricky is the Mum Mum in the room chasing you down. With the clock ticking down, you are down to one square and it is blocked by the mummy… Nooooo. This ends Banjo Kazooie. Now let’s get to the specialist mini game called Banjo Tooie.

Call of Kazooie

Shooter Kazooie

The most fun FPS shooter ever (pretty sure that’s accurate), in Banjo Tooie you learn to hold Kazooie as a gun and musket. What starts off as a simple “let’s go kill find Targitzan and kill it”, turns into a multi stage event. The TNT defusal in Glitter Gulch Mine, and multiplayer classic battle made this one of my favorite mini games bar none. The variety of eggs made it even more fun as well, once again, memories.



Whilst the world cup is on, here is the Banjo Kazooie version of soccer. Difference is, this one is much more painful to deal with and keep track on. I love the advice from former players in the practice room, to give it a more legit feel. The games varied from scoring the most, deducting the most, blowing up opponents, and a combination of all. The funny thing, is the games get even harder at HailFire Peaks. Playing back these mini games with friends made this game great.

Saucer of Peril


What more can I say? Pew pew pew. You either really enjoyed this mini game, or you despised its difficulty levels. I thought it was fun so go me.

Quiz Time!



Trivia. Always a stack of fun, especially done Banjo Kazooie style. In Banjo Kazooie, Grunty’s Furnace Fun is a real eye opener. If you haven’t done your studies and found out a few things before the quiz, you will be eaten alive by questions about her undies. In Banjo Tooie, even though it is a different ball game, the quiz is harder as there are two opponents next to you.

Once again another multiplayer fun game, playing trivia with your friends is very fun especially when you all know the answers but are waiting on the questions.  Playing the whole mini games for points was one of the most fun aspects of Banjo Tooie, and it usually ended on the Tower of Terror quiz.

Thanks for reading my top ten Banjo Kazooie mini games peeps and make sure to like us on the sidebar. Maybe I should do A Banjo Kazooie Let’s Play? Talk to us below about your favorite mini games from the series.