Hello peeps.

After the speculation of Hideo Kojima wanting to work on a Silent Hill project, not only is the rumors true, yet the confirmation was astounding. This is the most hyped I have been for a game since… Actually this may be the MOST hyped I have ever been.

The “Playable Teaser” by the name P.T, was the introduction of not only Kojima to SH, but also Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus. What a way to do it.

In true Kojima form, P.T was a mind screwing continuous loop which served as an appetizer. I am content knowing the SH franchise is getting a fresh fan-like nudge in the right direction. If SH and the team decide to take a new road which returns it to being a psychological survival horror, I am all for it. Japan knows how to scare best.

With Mr. Toro and Mr. Reedus in board, I feel this game is more designed to bring in a new crowd on top of the older loyal fanbase. With this, I believe Silent Hill is back on the map. I wish the team the very best of luck.