Hey guys,

Before I go on, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, if you have not watched the latest Walking Dead episode, please leave now and catch up.

Ok, now let us talk. Walking Dead Season 6 has just as i thought it would, picked up it’s A game. In the visual novel series, Alexandria is the real major turning point in he franchise. I knew once the crew got there, that the simplest thing was going to make for an interesting ride. They are safe after all aren’t they? Not on your sweet life as shown this week when *SPOILER* Glenn is apparently killed off in an alley with no one around but Nicholas who threw in the towel. An alley full of Walkers for miles, no one in sight, and just like that Glenn is gone forever.

The Walking Dead show simply killed off a beloved character right? They would have you believe this,  not for the slightly unambiguous Talking Dead show not selling it at all. He never even got a memorial tribute. Does that mean he is still alive? I can only say the Walking Dead producers and writers have struck gold here. For the first time since season one, I do not know what to expect anymore. I have to watch next week, and so will everyone else in the fan base.

My opinion on whether or not he really is dead, with all the speculation going and theories running amuck? I think he has to survive in someway shape or form, I do not see Glenn going down easy. I do not know how, but I have a grand feeling we are about to meet with Jesus, and not the Jesus from heaven haha. I feel that this a swerve, and what we saw was not the entire picture by any means. Somehow, someway, Jesus must save Glenn. Either way, the internet went ballistic meaning someone did their job right. Next episode should be a cracker. What are your thoughts folks? Glenn gone for good, or his death was a ruse with a Houdini like escape?

Thank you and regards.