What the Justice League Movie Needs

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Hey y’all. With news of the Avengers 2, Batman Vs. Superman, and the eventual Justice League movie, I thought it would be an idea to analyze the Justice League movie set for 2017. Now speculation is rampant about what will happen in Avengers 2 and Batman/Superman, however I feel that if anything, it’ll be the Justice League that needs to be the movie that saves DC from international embarrassment via the silver screen. Marvel has far exceeded expectations, after releasing the Avengers to critical acclaim. So how can DC combat this? I have got some suggestions to help aid DC Comics.


Do Not Focus Solely On Batman and Superman

The Avengers did a great job of giving every single character their own story and amount of time on-screen. In a parallel universe, Marvel easily could have put Iron Man on the screen the entire movie and bashed his colleagues. Instead, they went for story and character building around Iron Man. DC needs to do this. Superman and Batman have their chance to grow in their movie. This movie needs greater focus on Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow and/or Martian Manhunter/Aquaman/Hawk Girl. I wouldn’t complain about having any or all of these guys, as long as we don’t get a whole new story about Superman’s past or Batman’s history. We have heard that all before too many times. I want to hear about Wonder Woman, Aquaman etc. Anyone can throw Batman on the screen and make a movie watchable. It is being able to put Batman into the same row as others that will define this tale.

Let DC TV effect the course of the story

I watch Arrow. It is one of the best TV shows I have watched in a long, long time. I am a big fan of the ability DC has to turn an “average” superhero into an absolute star on par with Batman. “Average” villains are also getting the same treatment. Deadshot is a great example, with his epic rivalry with John Diggle. The thing is, the TV show has proven it can tell a story successfully. Arrow has only just introduced the Flash. This mind you is a spin-off for Barry Allen’s own TV show himself. My theory is while Batman and Superman are writing their own tale, let Arrow and Flash build the Justice League via episodic TV. It is cheap and effective. They can save the main “alien” characters for the movie, but there is no reason we cannot get an appearance from Green Lantern on Arrow, or even Lex Luthor. Then there is Deathstroke…

A villain that can captivate and build the JL

Continuing on from last paragraph, the Justice League needs a good villain. Now the Avengers had Loki. Loki is Thor’s brother and not necessarily the biggest nor baddest villain in the Marvel Universe. However it set up for Ultron in Avengers 2 whom is bigger and badder. You must go epic the further and further you go on. That said, who does DC go with? I would rule out The Joker and Lex Luthor by default. That is necessary for a later date against their respective foes. Eventually, JL will come across the ultimate bad guy Brainiac. Until then, I suggest we pick lesser renown villains that still have some big history with team members, such as a Starro, Solomon Grundy, Yellow Lantern Sinestro, Metallo,  Nekron, Ares, or even Ra’s Al Ghul. I have no issue dealing with an enemy that is not a Superman/Batman direct rival. Seeing how this pans out, then JL can go nuts and fight the ultimate baddies who can easily one up our heroes.

Be faithful to the DC comics for a change

In my honest opinion, DC Comics within their TV Anime shows and graphic novels are superior to Marvel (It’s an opinion of mine, we all have them). DC has really struggled to ever portray comic canon on-screen. Superman is always trying to be cutting edge albeit stale on-screen, Batman keeps evolving to be darker and darker, and the other characters have just plain sucked on-screen in general. How can DC counter this? Go with what brought you to the dance. Stay faithful to your rich history that everyone loves. Let Superman be a patriot and a hero, let Batman be socially awkward yet funny at times, let Wonder Woman kick ass and lasso baddies, let Flash be a sarcastic fool, and let Green Arrow… Well let Stephen Amell play him (don’t touch his character at all actually). The point I am making is don’t try so frickin’ hard with these guys. That is why people are annoyed when they watch a movie and are disappointed. Too much change sometimes isn’t for the best. And lastly…

Don’t let Superman destroy another city and kill for no reason. Ever. Again.

Just saying.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on the Justice League movie. I really hope for all of our sakes that DC comics gets this right. Make sure to like, subscribe, and favorite all our stuff, and check out all things DC and Marvel comics here at Pastime Viewpoints.Regards.


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Why I Think The Joker Should DEFINITELY Be In Arkham Origins

Arkham Origins Joker2


Hey peeps. Thomas here at Pastime Viewpoints has made an article deterring the fact Joker should be in Batman Arkham Origins. If you haven’t read it yet, here is the link:


See, I understand Thomas’ point. I am not going to straight up bash the guy because he believes The Joker should not be in the game, hell if anything he is completely just in his opinions. However as a fan of the Batman franchise, especially the Arkham franchise, I do believe 100% the The Joker is fundamental in this origin story.

The Joker is a part of Batman. Fair enough Batman was Bruce Wayne’s creation made due to crime of Gotham City. It was however The Joker that warped Batman, molded Batman, and really made Batman the Batman he is. The one that is not afraid, the one who is not afraid to die, the one who has an endless bond with this evil clown. In Arkham City, Joker’s death really shows what Batman is without him; nothing. When you reflect on Batman’s past and his origins, not having Joker there is as much of a mistake as not having Crime Alley, Robin or Alfred. Thomas did state that The Joker seemingly hogs the spotlight, and hinders other bad guys such as Scarecrow, Al Ghul, Riddler and Bane. I cannot argue that point completely, yet what I can say is was The Joker that big of a deal in the Arkham series?

Yes The Joker in the first game Arkham Asylum was taunting Batman throughout and seemingly escaped lock-down (as he does so well), needing capturing and the rescuing of innocent prisoners he has taken. In the game it felt that he was an integral part of the plot, but it also felt he never truly was clouding the way. He was instrumental in pushing the main plot, though the side plot is what made that game. Poison Ivy, Bane, Killer Croc, The Riddler, The Penguin etc, all got their mitts on that game and made huge impressions without Joker’s direct help. In Arkham City it was more of the same. More villains such as Deadshot, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Hugo Strange, Two Face, Clayface and Harley Quinn all get a chance to shine in City. The Joker doesn’t hinder these guys and their stories. He is a part of Batman’s journey as he always is. The Joker is Batman’s biggest rival. Done deal.

Thomas did point out that this story should feature a real story based outside of Joker and feature more on the Black Mask and his assassins. I love the aspect of Black Mask trying to take out the Batman. It makes for a great plot. The thing with Batman is that he is Gotham’s savior and a criminal’s worse nightmare. So what if we have 9 guys trying to rip Batman’s head off? What is different from any other day of the week? The Batman story is interesting and lathers rich in longevity. The 8 assassins (including Deathstroke YESSS) will have plenty of time to forge their stories and have their respective battles. Hell, Joker could have a five minute piece in the game and not even need to be the “main guy” as Thomas is afraid he will be. It is the fact that The Joker’s origins are essential to cover as they have not been touched so far in the series. How did he become Joker? How did he meet up with and rival Batman? How does he cause Gotham’s suffering? It is interesting stuff to know. Why can’t we have all of this plus more? Black Mask will come out of this looking a bad ass believe me.

I know Thomas is a fan of the Joker. I know he would enjoy a Batman game that is not  based solely around the man. Similar to the movies Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises, Batman can thrive without his number one rival. I solely believe that The Joker needs to be here for this origin story. Batman without Joker isn’t the same you know. Let me ask the viewers reading this, can you have an origin story on Batman without having Joker? Can you see it? Can you have an origin story about the building of Superman without Lex Luthor? Ask Man of Steel. It is the element that makes the character them. Loki made The Avengers, Lex makes Superman special, and The Joker makes Batman the Dark knight. The Joker must be a part of this origin story and must have his reserved spot into this classic title to be.

Thank you for reading peeps. Let us know who is right out of Thomas and I. Do you believe Joker needs to be in Arkham Origins? Or needs to stay away to let other villains shine?


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