My Top 10 Banjo Kazooie Stage Songs

Hello hello hello. I love myself some Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie. The soundtracks for these games were second to none and will remain one of the top greatest OSTs ever made. I have downloaded a lot of these tunes onto my MP3 and listen to them daily on my way to work. I want to talk about my ten favorites and give out some nostalgia for all Banjo fans out there. I will the pick the ten in no particular order. It is unfair to rate them and I appreciate the fact most people will agree. Here we go!! Continue reading “My Top 10 Banjo Kazooie Stage Songs”

What The Next Pokemon Game Needs


Hey peeps. I am near the end of my Pokemon X and Y play through, and I must admit it has been a hell of an adventure. The series continues to remain relevant for nearly twenty years with old fans and new fans alike. In saying this, when it comes to Pokemon 7th generation, Game Freak, Nintendo, and the Pokemon company will need to pull out all stops once more. Pokemon X and Y was a graphical experience like no other, so a boost onto the next console will be handy there. I am looking more so at refining and re-inventing the series that little bit further. Let me know what you all think about my suggestions to the next generation.

New Starter Types

OK, so every Pokemon game has one Grass type, one Water type, and one Fire type. The concept is seemingly a bit outdated considering there are now virtually 18 types. When there was roughly fifteen it was cool, yet not for today. X and Y went with the brilliant strategy of placing Grass/Fighting, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Dark with each other. In turn not only does it make your Pokemon all around superior, it really provides you with a chance to dominate your rival completely. What I am envisioning is that we go one step further. Scrap the generic Grass, Fire and Water completely. For this generation, it is easy to push anything really. How about Electric, Ground, and Water? Or for a darker game, Psychic, Fighting and Dark? There are options that could present a new way that helps boost types of Pokemon that are lacking in certain fields. We need to change this, even for one game.

A Revolutionary New Story-Line

To sum up the Pokemon games to date, new kid arrives in town, meets generic rival whether they are good or bad, has a single mother who a Professor may or may not tap, goes off, collects gym badges whilst thwarting evil organization, goes to Pokemon League in which they win. and defeats the Champion who usually re-occurs in the game a few times. Hit the nail on the head right? Well, it is time to shape up and move on people. The thing that hinders the Pokemon series is the lack of creativity within story. Let me suggest some new ideas:

*Former villain (grunt) from a faraway region (Kanto – Team Rocket) has moved on with his life after realizing his ways were wrong. He makes amends by moving to the next region and immediately helps out a Professor from a group of thugs. The Professor offers the choice of three Pokemon and the thug decides to do something right in his life. His past however keeps haunting him when he meets and old admin who is now a leader in said new evil group. People begin to not trust your guy so easily and it is up to you in side quests to help redeem your guy (for TMs etc). After becoming the best, you finally feel the need to go back to Kanto or wherever and help end crime with Pokemon forever more. The End *cough*.

Or alternatively,

*You are Blue (aka Gary Oak). the failed champion of Kanto and former gym leader. After living in the shadow of Red, Professor Oak offers you a chance to go to a new region and show off your expertise. After all is said and done, with the cool and narcissistic ways, your character decides to calm down and be humble as the new champion. This is followed by a return of Red and a battle between champions one more time. Blue gets the win up and Red accepts his rival for life.

Generic yet different, both easily could have their own unique games and qualities.

Change to the Elite 4

I am so over the Elite Four. Quite frankly, I do not see the reasoning for them in the game except they are “tanky” and there to spoil your health before the champion battle. Overhaul time!!! I will be turning to the TV show franchise and stealing the concept from there because we will now have a proper, and I mean proper, Pokemon League. The best of the world compete in a tournament with no saves. The further in you go, the harder the matches are. you have to draw what arena you are in, what opponent you must face, and your opponents have a variety of foes, not one simple kind. You are on a grand stage, with screaming fans via cut scenes. Make this the greatest experience ever!!! Scrap the Elite 4 or keep it I don’t care. Let this be bigger and better than it though. Let this be the end of the journey. Finally being number 1. If the champion is your last opponent, good because he had to earn his spot too. This one I feel most passionate about so DO IT!!!!

New Pokemon That Are Fascinating And New Moves

I am really kind of sick of seeing millions of Grass types, Normal types, Water types, Flying types etc. X and Y excelled in bringing and pushing the Fairy type quite well. We need to now push other misused types a little further with a new generation. A new 100 Pokemon with the majority sitting in the Ice, Ghost, Fairy, Fire and Electric area. Even out the balance with stronger attacks for these types to prevent misuse due to the fact any person can spam Frenzy Plant and win. What does a Fairy type spam to win? Or a, Ice type? Blizzard is strong, but easily overcome. In regards to design, scrap what we know and think about Pokemon and how they look. Give some a bad ass vibe, give some a cool vibe, make some overly pretty, go nuts!! I don’t care, as long as I don’t keep seeing quick put together Pokemon based on Swords and Car Keys. Be creative, not reckless.

And Lastly…

Don’t Go Away From What Makes Pokemon Great

Sure, I made a few points on what can be improved. However I cannot say that I get that shot of my childhood every time I play the newest game. I marked out over Soul Silver, went nuts with Emerald, had fun with Pearl, smashed Black 1 and 2, yet this game I have had a ball with. The simple adventure, the exploration, that good feeling inside when you win and solve a problem. This is what makes Pokemon great. Keep up the Mega Evolutions to Pokemon that need them. People were very critical of this, yet I feel it was a great asset. I love the mini games that push your EV level. Much better than doing it the “old-fashioned” way. I enjoy my rival battles, the secret organizations I destroy, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from defeating a champion. I really do. This is the staple of the series and never needs to change. The game is still kicking ass after all these years. Why change what made it great?

Regards peeps and thanks for reading with all your support like always.

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