My Top 10 Banjo Kazooie Stage Songs

Hello hello hello. I love myself some Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie. The soundtracks for these games were second to none and will remain one of the top greatest OSTs ever made. I have downloaded a lot of these tunes onto my MP3 and listen to them daily on my way to work. I want to talk about my ten favorites and give out some nostalgia for all Banjo fans out there. I will the pick the ten in no particular order. It is unfair to rate them and I appreciate the fact most people will agree. Here we go!! Continue reading “My Top 10 Banjo Kazooie Stage Songs”

How I Would Have Ended Final Fantasy X

Why hello y’all. Now as a huge Final Fantasy fan (no surprise to regulars), there are a few things I wished I could have changed about the series. Apart from telling the guy “no” whom thought online MMO’s were a good idea, I have always been bothered by the ending of Final Fantasy X. See, Final Fantasy X was an awesome game, with a great story and solid characters. It goes full circle in the end and Tidus forgives his father and Seymour is banished to the Farplane. However there was something gravely wrong with this ending. Continue reading “How I Would Have Ended Final Fantasy X”

Zell Plays Final Fantasy X-2



Final Fantasy. Yes Zell seems to play these games all the time, however it seems Zell is taking the less serious tone out of the play through by going the sequel route. Final Fantasy X-2 takes on from where FFX left off, with Yuna taking center stage in a new Spira. Make sure to check out this play through as it progresses peeps.

Regards peeps and thanks for watching with all your support like always.

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My Top 10 FF Summons

Hey peeps. It is Zell bringing you one of my favorite topics to talk about; Final Fantasy. This time around, I am going to talk to you about my favorite summons from the Final Fantasy franchise. Whether they are called Summons, Eidolons, Aeons, or Guardian Forces, summons have played an integral role in the series since FF3. Since that time, we have had some summons continue to mainstay in the series, and some that have come in and made a huge impression. Here are my top ten summons from the series y’all.

10. Shiva


Shiva, the Ice Goddess. Shiva really is a beginner’s summon (in the nicest possible way). Her Diamond Dust and lack of clothing are a staple for the series, with multiple appearances even from the very beginning. I feel her best appearance in a Final Fantasy game is FFX. She was the mid summon of the game that carried you a lot of the journey even after attaining Bahamut soon after. She is fast, powerful, and full of appeal. Her colleague in crime is the fire summon Ifrit who is my number 9.

9. Ifrit


Ifrit, also known to by Jinn, is the Fire summon for the series. Looking like a demon in the series up until about FF8, Ifrit starts to take on a more feral look to suit his feral character. Another beginner’s summon in theory, he pretty much is the counter to summoning Shiva. The Hell Fire has taken down many a foe. I believe Ifrit’s best appearance in the series was Final Fantasy 8. Mainly due to his skill level always being the same, his mark on FF8 was legendary by being a part of Squall’s assessment to the Fire Cavern. He is the first real boss in the game and hits hard with attitude. You can always depend on Ifrit… Unlike my next choice.

8. Odin


Odin, the one hit sword master. Odin only specializes in one attack. In saying that, it is the only attack you need. Zantetsuken is the end of your foe immediately on connection from the attack. Odin always appears intimidating, yet respectful to his adversaries. He also has a sense of pride where you must earn his services. Final Fantasy 4 and 8 strike me the most with Odin, with FF8 more so due to his death via Seifer. His strongest appearance was as the King of Baron’s summon in death. Mainly because you have never experienced a battle that ends with one slash. The clock counting down is not your friend here at all, and a sense of pressure the entirety of battle. A summon that enjoys taking out your team, it is wise to keep the next summon close by.

7. Phoenix


Phoenix, the fire bird of death. Phoenix is a hall-mark of the series via the Phoenix Pinion. Phoenix is known for dealing damage to a foe, while reviving your team from downed status. The beautiful view of the Phoenix is usually in desperate times. No matter whether summoned by a summoner or item, Phoenix is handy to have. My favorite Phoenix game is Final Fantasy 7. After helping save the Fort Condor base from destruction, the bird at the top of the Fort dies. It is reborn as Phoenix. Against Sephiroth, the completion of this mini game comes with great reward. In regards to my next summon, Water beats Fire.

6. Leviathan


Good old Leviathan, the Water Serpent summon. Having Leviathan on your team ensures that enemies are sent away to sea forever. Leviathan’s Tsunami is utmost effective in the earlier games of the franchise, where Water is not easily countered. With multiple appearances, his best appearance in my opinion was in Final Fantasy 4. Leviathan, the King of the Summon World, challenges the party to battle so that Rydia can attain his services. Leviathan is fundamental in beating the game and the final summon, Bahamut. Beating Leviathan in battle is no easy feat, ensuring the title King of the Summon World a true statement. However in FFX, Leviathan cannot save you so the next three gals will.

5. Magus Sisters

Magus Sisters


The Magus Sisters, the flower puff girls.. That was a bad rhyming pun. Formerly brutal enemies from FF4, these girls turn over a new leaf as the most powerful summon in Final Fantasy X. After beating Belgemine’s Anima, the undead summoner gives you an item that enables the final summon to become available. That is if you go to Mt. Gagazet and capture every single final monster in the area. A tough thing to do, yet very rewarding at the end. Defeating Belgemine enables you to use the Magus Sisters. Not only does the trio fight at once, they fight separately with differing stats, health, and unusual commands. The only time they work together is to inflict ultimate pain with Delta Attack. Though not always holy, they get the job done. Our next summon is simply holy..

4. Alexander 



Alexander, the holy summon. Forever casting Judgment on those who deserve it, Alexander is always willing to follow command of the summoner throughout its few appearances in the series. Except in the case of Final Fantasy 9, when Alexander turns, I believe its short appearance was most memorable. When Kuja was to inflict reckoning onto Alexandria, the two summoners in Eiko and Dagger combined to unleash Alexander to protect Alexandria and destroy Bahamut who was running rampage. A stunned Kuja stood in shock at this impressive feat. Garland and his corrupting Invincible took advantage of this, destroying Alexandria and acquiring the summon to never be used again. The raw strength to defeat Bahamut was a big moment of the series, though so was destroying a Blitzball stadium of fiends.

3. Anima



Anima, the dark summon. Its only appearance being in Final Fantasy X as a summon, it plays an integral part of the story. The main antagonist Seymour uses this summon to display his power before all. Anima virtually makes Seymour seem untouchable. It takes all of Yuna’s guardians and summons to take this one summon down itself. In regards to story, you find that Seymour’s mother sacrificed herself to become a summon for him to use and protect himself with. It is his corruption that makes Anima a ferocious monster. When Yuna acquires Anima, Seymour’s mother apologizes and says she will battle her son to rectify the past. The only thing I can say about Anima is Oblivion. His multiple strikes as an ultimate move leave Anima a forever strong summon for the ages, very similar to my number 2.

2. Knights of the Round



The Knights of the Round. Final Fantasy 7’s, and possibly, the series most ultimate summon in regards to power, it has the potential to take down anybody in one turn. This includes Sephiroth. With the cut scene going two minutes plus, the many knights come charging in with an assault that annihilates all. In it’s only appearance in the franchise, the knights make an impression that will forever last. Mainly due to the fact it is so hard to attain this ultimate summon. Breeding a Gold Chocobo, spending hours strengthening and winning race after race at Gold Saucer is the foundation to finally grasping the knights. As great as it is, I think the knights are surpassed by the king.

1. Bahamut


Bahamut, King of Summons. Whether you are on the receiving end of mega Flare, Giga Flare, or Tera Flare, Bahamut has one job; winning via destruction. A summon that has many appearances in the Final Fantasy series, it is hard to pin point Bahamut’s greatest appearance. In FF1, he helps you evolve to the next level, yet doesn’t join you. That honor is saved until FF3. In FF4, Bahamut is the best summon in the game bar none, however it is the fight to attain his powers that tells the story. In Final Fantasy 7, he attains new forms, such as Bahamut ZERO and Neo Bahamut. Everyone wants a Bahamut right? In FFX, he is your last summon before receiving the ultimate forbidden summons. It doesn’t stop him from being a bad ass power house though. Then in FF12 he becomes a ship.. Hmm. Anyway, Bahamut is a staple for the series as a summon that no matter what, is always there to give you a winning hand. Make sure you earn it though.

Regards peeps and thanks for reading with all your support like always. Let us know what you think and comment.

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What I am Looking Forward to on the PS4


Hey peeps. As we know, I am a gamer. I own every console probably known to mankind and upload “let’s play” videos onto Youtube. I find that the new craze with the new consoles has been a bit weak with the public dominance of the Playstation 4. Usually when new consoles announced, it is war!! The public did side with Sony after E3 this year, mind you I have always been a PS guy myself, and X Box One is in for a shock on release. With Nintendo kicking ass with the new Pokemon games, let me remind you of why I am looking forward to the next console for Playstation.


A psychological horror game. The horror genre has been going absolutely wild a of late (thank god) and is coming out in all shapes and forms. This potential gem has one of the most unique features. You are trying to escape and find daylight (derp), however if you beat the game and escape the nightmare, once replayed you will never have the same events nor rooms occur again. The game shift shapes and creates an entirely new atmosphere, new layout, it is pretty much a new game. The scares look legit and I hope that as a PS Plus member not only will this game be for free, but it kicks ass to start the PS4 era.

Final Fantasy 15

This game has been long overdue, but Square Enix is set to make it up for us. The original title of “Final Fantasy Versus 13” is now dead, with this title becoming a mainstream title in its own right. Square Enix shocked us all at E3 with a solid line up of titles, yet it was FF15 that shocked a lot of people. It looks so good. This could be Square Enix’s wake up call and be the rebirth of the FF series to its prime. With Noctis still at the forefront, interactive environments, an Advent Children feel, and a story that makes sense, I am looking forward to this title as much as FFX.. That was a long time ago.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Speaking of Square Enix, look who has teamed with Disney again!! Kingdom Hearts 3 has only had limited exposure, but the name strikes joy into many faces. The crowd reaction at E3 was enough to sell this title on its own. The new adventures with Sora, Donald and Goofy are sure to be exciting. Hopefully one question will be answered, will this game finally have Zell in it as a playable character?!?!

Infamous: Second Son

WHOAAAAAAA. That was my reaction at the E3 conference. I have been on the fence with Infamous for a long time. I think this one here sold me. The graphics, the potential story exploits, the fighting combat, and the badass-y-ness is mind-blowing. A Sony exclusive title, Microsoft will be in dire strife when this one is released. The game feels more real being in a real city, the character’s behavior and learning of his power seems more unique, and did I mention the graphics? A must buy on release.

Metal Gear Solid V

I know this game is coming out on the majority of consoles, however I don’t care as for me it will be a PS4 title. Big Boss is Back!!!! What can you say? The greatest series in gaming is looking even better with so much more than what we could ever hope for. I am at awe with the work of Kojima Productions so I will link a video. I cannot explain the awesomeness.


Spike and Barley are playing it, Pewdiepie is playing it, so I will be playing it.

The Order 1886

It looks good. Another PS4 exclusive, I have only seen the trailer from E3 so far. It looks a clean graphical experience with a not so boring storyline. I sure hope that this title does not let me down.


Do I need to explain?


Another exclusive title, Warframe looks a whole bunch a fun. A co-operative free to play title, it is based in a sci-fi world and can be played solo or with friends. The game looks indie, yet it seems as if it could be a classic title on release of PS4. The battle scenes impress me the most, please be a good game!!

Last but not least,

Assassin’s Creed IV

OK, so I am the kind of Creed fan who loses his poop with the endings in all of the games. I was not a fan of naval missions in AC3, and I think this game is too premature. In saying that, the game does look good in AC fashion. I was hoping they would stay on land and maybe head to Ancient Japan, or Russia, yet Pirates of the Caribbean here we come. The fighting does look more refined, the combat looks once again overhauled, and the sea fighting does look better. I hope this game brings back the glory of young Ezio.

Thank you for reading and like us here at PTVP.


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Zell Plays Final Fantasy 9



I  have beaten Final Fantasy 10, beaten Final Fantasy 8, and Final Fantasy 7. I missed one didn’t I? Zell plays Final Fantasy 9 in this Let’s Play adventure. We play as Zidane in his quest to find not only a girl, but his true past as well. An underrated classic, click the link below and join me again for another Zell Plays.

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