Top 5 Questions Leading Into Walking Dead Season 4 2nd Half




S’up y’all!! Zell here after a wild Sunday night of The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid Season Finale. Lots of action followed by lots of story line development paved the way for the gang to exit the prison, however in separate groups. The only thing that AMC’s Walking Dead achieved is doing what last season’s finale failed to do; excite. People are talking, and mainly about the millions of questions that Sunday’s episode begged. In saying that, the 5 biggest questions personally leading into the second half of Season 4 are listed below. Make sure to take the poll below and like us here at PTVP.

1. Is the group going to join back together at the Alexandria Safe Zone?

Rick’s group is now split into several groups. The folk from Woodbury whom escaped on the bus with Glenn, Rick and Carl running up the hill away from the carnage, and the kids, Beth, Tyreese, Michonne, Maggie and Daryl’s presence left in mystery. Similar to Season 2 after Hershel’s farm, the group is split and more than likely will regroup soon after. The question is where? There are no local landmarks and the groups evacuation plans were never discussed. I am gathering that after Sunday night’s finale, the comic is being followed once more. After the prison, we hit the road for a bit, before arriving at the Alexandria Safe Zone, where the comic book is currently at. I see the group joining together back there in a safe community. Will the creators do this though? They really don’t have nothing to work with if so. We will find out in February I suppose.

2. Who can follow up from The Governor?

The Governor is dead. Punched by Rick, stabbed by Michonne, and shot by Lilly. The question is, with The Governor dead, who is the next antagonist going to be? After Shane, Governor did well to carry the series as the villain you love to hate. Even love to love in many cases. Will there be an immediate threat? Or will there be some form of peace for a while? I remember vividly the proceeding antagonists after the prison were the cannibals, followed by the baddest dude in the world; Negan. We don’t know if this will happen, or even if they hold out until Season 5 which has been signed up for. Simply put, who can follow up from David Morrisey’s Governor?

3. Is Rick’s daughter Judith still alive?

Lots of controversy here peeps. The rocker was covered in blood, the baby was missing, and her family was devastated. But is Judith really dead? Sure there was a lot of blood, yet anyone taking a head shot could have filled that empty cradle. Beth, whom was Judith’s primary carer, ran off the bus for a mystery purpose. Was that to rescue Judith? Then the other kids in the complex. Did they go back after saving Tyreese to help Judith out? On the following episode of Talking Dead, there was no mention of Judith’s death. I get the feeling she still lives. I may be wrong, however the second half will elaborate more than I can.

4. Will we see Carol again?

I sure hope so. The impending meeting between Tyreese and Rick in regards to his girlfriend’s killer was about to happen before The Governor destroyed the prison. Tyreese will find out no matter what eventually. The question is, will we see Carol again? And if so, how will Tyreese react to the news of her doing the “evil” deed? Unlike the comics, Tyreese and Carol have both survived the prison and are both in uncharted waters now. The story development for both characters will be great and I cannot wait.


5. Will the second half be better than the first?

We have got the ending we wanted at the prison. It’s over. I can honestly say this season has been living up to the hype to date. The question is similar to last season, can we keep up the momentum? Will we get the best complete season since the first? We will be getting new characters in Abraham and Eugene (this will be great). Lilly and Tara will also be in some way still be around and joining Rick in the future. The Woodbury sick survivors are also still alive. We have a lot of survivors to work with here. I sure hope that Robert Kirkman and crew give us one hell of a home stretch for the season by building up a few of these characters. The loss of Hershel hurt. Now it is time to run with the ball and make new characters we love. Also, don’t forget about the zombies…

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Zell Plays Happy Wheels (Link Inside)


Happy Wheels!! A game that was boosted by celebrity Youtubers such as Pewdiepie, UberHaxorNova and Tobuscus, is now recognized all over the world as a fun indie classic title. Watch as I try my best to learn this out there title and not get splattered into little pieces.

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Thoughts on Agents of SHIELD Episode 1


Hey peeps and welcome back to PTVP. Last night I got the opportunity to watch one of the brand new shows on American TV. Agents of Shield is a new television series based on the success of the Avengers from Marvel studios. More so a separate entity, the show features many aspects directly from the movie and the comic books from Marvel as well. My first impressions of the show were good. Mainly the anticipation of the show was really a follow on to the question, “How the f*** did Coulson survive death by Loki’s hands?”

Anyways, I will jump right into it. Make sure you like us here at PTVP, we love all your support peeps.

*Straight off the bat, I enjoyed the frantic pace of the show. It was virtually right after the events of the Avengers and kept with the rhythm of the movie. Mr. Whedon obviously had major input in this regard. I enjoy it as it gives that comic book feel where every page has a story and plenty of action. The mentioning of the major characters such as Thor and Iron Man kept the symmetry alive, yet still parallel from being an identical cheap rip off with new fresh faces. The only two characters that we all knew were Maria Hill, and Agent Phil Coulson.

*Speaking of which, Phil Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, was an absolute highlight bar none. From previous movies and encounters with Coulson, we know that he is a dry, funny, yet serious man that is worth the time of day. His introduction into the show was done the same way his character is; awkwardly hilarious. The show will be no doubt based off of him and deservedly so, he has a very big fan base with the general public. His relationship with Agent Grant Ward, played by Brett Dalton, will be an interesting one to say the least. You wanted more Coulson world, you got yourself more Coulson!!

*Contrary to other person’s opinions, I enjoy the variety of cast seemingly as new faces. Yes I love Cobie Smulders as Agent Hill, yet she is already a known character. Agent May I feel is a solid character who will be the action gal of the series. I sincerely hope she gets more air time to develop her story. I love Skye simply because she will be the fun loving person who reminds me slightly of the lovely Felicity from Arrow. I rather say I think I am going to have a soft spot for the two scientists Fitz and Simmons. They seem a pair of silly morons with brains.. If that makes sense. Maybe? They feed off of each other well and seem to be the tech experts with charisma. The cast to date seems pretty strong. Let us see if it lasts.

*The plot. A fast paced episode about a gentleman who has been manipulated with a “centipede”, giving him super hero like powers. The plot did seem maybe a tad fast, and the story did seem a bit out of left field considering the continuity of Avengers, however it still managed to work as a pilot episode. If anything, it was simply a rampant story about a raging man unaware of his fate, wanting to look after his son, albeit a secret agency not allowing him to do so. It was an introduction and there will be no direct sequel to this episode as a result I feel. The gang is together now. From this point onward, I expect the plot to thicken, people’s characters developing slowly, and the villain or villains to form into place. I am not sure how outsiders to Marvel’s movies and comics felt about this episode in the sense of retaining viewership for next week, yet I think they may have done enough with hype on its own and a compelling cast.

Those are my thoughts on the show so far. It is only at pilot stage so it is hard to divulge how the series will go. From this episode and the way it drew, I see it lasting a very long time, tying in with the next Avengers movie. Quick question, would like to see Iron Man or Thor make one guest appearance? Back on topic, I am impressed with the show and am very pleased with the fact that Marvel did not blow it with over hype and under delivering. Next week we will go again one more time and we will see how Agents of Shield moves on from a strong first week.

Thank you for reading peeps and love your work.



Zell’s Donkey Kong Country 3 Play Through

Hello all. I have started and completed a new play through for my Youtube channel. The game of choice is a Super Nintendo classic; Donkey Kong Country 3: Double Trouble. Watch as I “monkey” around (get it? Monkey?) and pass through the game with as less abuse as possible.

Thoughts On Arrow TV Series


Arrow season one is getting ready to come to a close and this show has already been renewed for a season 2. How did the first season turn out and is Arrow a success story?

Thoughts On Arrow TV Series

I was a big fan of The CW (WB) TV series Smallville. I thought that this series had brought an interesting twist to the Superman storyline that was different from the comics yet entertaining in its own way. When Smallville officially ended in 2011, it felt as if something really important in my life was going away. This and the fact that a DC Comics superhero series was leaving TV; leaving the world without a comic based hero TV series.

So, 2012 came along and The CW announced that they gave the go ahead to create a DC Comics superhero TV series based on Green Arrow. I was immediately excited about this news and the first thing that went through my mind and probably several other Smallville fan’s minds was “Will Justin Hartley be reprising his role as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow?” I enjoyed Hartley’s performance as Green Arrow in Smallville. He brought a witty and light hearted version of Oliver Queen to the series. Needless to say, I was a bit taken aback when I read that Justin Hartley would not be playing Green Arrow. In his place, Stephen Amell was cast in the role of Oliver Queen. While part of me was disappointed, I was also curious to see if Amell could do the role justice and make Arrow successful.

Watching through the first season of Arrow, it makes sense why they recasted the role of Oliver Queen. This version of Green Arrow is a much darker, more merciless Green Arrow that you might say is not a typical superhero at all; but rather a vigilante that goes to any means to save the city, even if it means killing. Stephen Amell has done a great job portraying Oliver Queen/Green Arrow to the point where I can’t even compare this version from Smallville’s because they are basically two very different characters; which is a good thing as this will make things much easier for the writers not having to worry about living up to one character or the other. This is pretty much a brand new universe, completely separate from Smallville.

While there have been one or two “so-so” episodes,  the episodes of this season have been quite entertaining as well. You can tell its a first season due to the fact that the first part of the season follows a basic villain of the week format. However, due to the popularity of the show getting it renewed for a second season early on, the later parts of the season get more in deep with the characters and the main storyline; giving it a good development for the story and the characters.

When I compare it to the first season of Smallville, I have to say that storyline-wise, Arrow is off to a much stronger start. Overall, I have very high hopes for this series and hope that it continues to be a success in the second season.

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