Anime Review: Angel Cop

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done an Anime review on Pastime Viewpoints. For this one, I’m going to review a little gem that I found cheap on VHS at my local used book store. Let’s take a look at Angel Cop.


Title: Angel Cop
Year: 1989
Genre: Cyberpunk, Science Fiction, Police
Format: OVA (Original Video Animation) 6 Episodes
Length: 30 Minutes Each

Angel Cop was one of those few series that actually started off as an animation before being adapted into a manga. The OVA was written by Sho Aikawa and directed by Ichiro Itano. This OVA was localized and dubbed in english by Manga Entertainment in the mid 1990s. However, a few plot points vary depending on if you watch the English or Japanese version. This particular OVA created a bit of contraversy regarding anti-semitism in the Japanese version so all references to Jews were removed when Manga brought it over to the west and replaced with American corporations. The version I got on tape was the English version so that is going to be the focus of this review.


To quickly overview the story of Angel Cop, a communist terrorist group known as Red May is wreaking havoc on Japan. To counter this threat,  a special forces group is formed with the authority to use lethal force to stop them. Angel is a new addition to the force. Initially, she has a cold demeanor; having little regard for life itself. She is willing to kill anything and anyone so long as she gets her job done; much to the disdain of her comrades. However, she eventually learns the value of protecting the innocent through her cybernetic partner Raiden.

As the story continues, it is revealed that the special forces aren’t the only ones hunting the terrorists. A group of enhanced individuals with psychic abilities are on the loose and targeting both the terrorists and the special forces group. It falls to Angel and Raiden to face them and stop their attack.


Angel Cop is a brutal anime. I have seen some pretty bloody and gory stuff in the past but this particular series can potentially take home the prize of being one of the most gruesome animated series that Japan has put out. That being said, I praise the animators for their work on this OVA series. The animation and detail is probably some of the best I have seen in a classic anime series. There is also some nudity in a few of the episodes.


Story 7/10 – The story is pretty good. Nothing epic but its worth checking out. The weak parts would probably be in the supporting characters. They can come off as throwaway and flat.

Voice Acting 3/10 – If you’re going to watch the english adaptation, I should warn you that the voice acting in this anime is absolutely horrendous. Manga Entertainment must have picked up these unknowns in random places. I strongly recommend checking out a Japanese dub with subtitles.

Dialogue 4/10 – I swear that every other word in the dialogue is an F-Bomb. Most of the profanity in Angel Cop comes off as forced. It’s almost as if the script was written by a middle schooler who thinks saying “F*ck!” over and over is cool.

Appeal 6/10 – Regardless of its faults, Angel Cop still manages to get its story across and has some pretty nice visuals. If anything, I recommend this anime at least for a one time viewing.

Overall Score 6/10 Angel Cop isn’t a must see anime but its good for a one time viewing. I recommend it for its visuals and action sequences. And just for the hell of it, I will leave you with a compilation of all the swearing in the series.

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