PTVP’s People

Hello. The staff at Pastime Viewpoints would like a chance to introduce themselves a little. We have a history together and would like to share it to you.

Adam B (Zell) – I am the owner and Admin of this Blog site. My real name is Adam and I am from Australia. I have written articles for different sites in the past, however I have created this Blog site to bring my articles to the internet still. I am known as someone whom thinks outside the box, and considered a “leftie”. My viewpoints are always passionate and direct.

JB – Contributing writer and Admin of the Blog site, I’m John but everyone calls me JB.  I was born and raised in the NYC area, so I’ve experienced many facets of entertainment. I can easily say I will write about everything.

Gil  Corpus – I am a writer and webmaster for Pastime Viewpoints. I come from the great lone star state of Texas. I am a fan of gaming, anime, manga, and professional wrestling. I am an aspiring graphic designer and digital media expert. I have designed this blog’s layout and logo personally in hopes that you, the readers can have the best experience possible here. On Pastime Viewpoints, I will be contributing my thoughts. On occasion I may also do a video or two.

Thomas Fyrehart – PTVP’s resident psychopath. Just kidding, the doctors say I’m better now. Anyway, I’m “the other” Aussie on here and I write about…..whatever the fuck I want pretty much, don’t really have a set “thing” I cover. When I’m able to I’ll start making videos again though, which I much prefer since I’m admittedly not all that good at article writing currently. Practice makes perfect I guess though, so I may get the hang of it eventually. Fingers crossed.

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