My Favorite Metal Gear Boss Fights

What is happening everyone? I normally would not be doing two articles in as many days in regards to gaming, but after seeing the responses and views, I felt compelled to do so. Today I want to talk about Metal Gear Solid, and more in particular, the boss battles that have defined gaming throughout the years. From Metal Gear, all the way through to Metal Gear Solid IV, there has never been at least one miserable, non-enjoyable boss fight. That said, lets talk about the better fights that are forever remembered by MGS  gamers.


The Hind D

“Colonel, a Hind D?”

A staple of the Metal Gear series, the Hind D is a military helicopter capable of mass destruction of its opposition. The only problem is that when a Hind D seems to mess with Solid Snake, the helicopter seems to come off second best. As displayed by the picture above, the Hind D goes all the way back to Metal Gear. A memorable battle, my personal favorite is from Metal Gear Solid where Solid Snake takes on the hind D, being controlled by evil brother Liquid. Liquid’s screams as the contraption falls from the sky, are followed by Snake’s sarcasm. Pure gold.


Dirty Duck MGS

Dirty/Coward Duck

“I’m Coward Duck! Go ahead and shoot if you dare”

In Metal Gear, the majority of boss fights took pure fire power, bullets, and little brain power to win. However Dirty (Or Coward) Duck changed that. Duck hid behind the brother of Jennifer’s brother and another hostage, in an attempt to save himself by you killing a hostage. Another thing, you cannot cross over to meet him as there is a pit trap in the floor. This battle takes timing, precision, and a bit of thinking to take on this Outer Heaven mercenary. This battle would be more so explored in future titles with out-of-the-box thinking from Hideo Kojima.



Big Boss

“You and I are doomed to remain here until we die like dogs on the battlefield”

Who hasn’t heard of Big Boss? With all the solid battles in Metal Gear 2, I thought I would pick this one over the rest. Mainly due to the fact that after you have destroyed Metal Gear and lost all your weapons, after you have fought with Grey Fox in a mine field, it comes down to you and Big Boss. Big Boss is armed with a Patriot machine gun, you are armed with your wit. You ring your friends on the radio and they have nothing positive to say except you may be done for. After finding a can of deodorant and a lighter, you makeshift a flamethrower to finally take down Big Boss for the final time. A feeling of winning as the underdog makes this fight ever so memorable. Who would have ever thought that you would one day be using Big Boss to do battle yourself?


Psycho Mantis

“Why can’t I beat you?! I know your one weakness; Meryl”

We all knew this had to be in here. After controlling Meryl, Mantis reveals himself to be ever the psychic soldier. There are two screens people seen in this battle. One was the “HIDEO” screen, and the other was the Game Over screen. He was tough until you worked out the genius 4th wall breaking tactic that is the second controller port. The match doesn’t get much easier, however he is now beatable. This was the first time I remember ever having to think something through, use the codec system to its fullest, and actually get mind blown. I think a lot of people class this is as the most breakthrough boss in the history of gaming.


Liquid Snake

“I’m you! I’m your shadow!”

Liquid Snake. The infamous brother of Solid Snake, and son of Big Boss. The fight on Metal Gear caps off an astounding game. What makes this match is the clock ticking, the difficulty of the battle, and the strategy it takes to win. The thing is, that is part one of the battle. The second part is the car shoot out that follows. With Liquid seemingly unbeatable, the only that kills Liquid is the dreaded FOXDIE. The thing about Liquid, he is far from done yet…




“I am an artist!!”

For a Fatman, he sure skates fast. Fatman is the son of a clock maker, who has a warped mind with the ticking sound. A rogue from the team, Fatman attempts to bomb the Big Shell and it is up to Raiden to stop him. The thing that separates Fatman to other bosses, is that he plants C4 charges all over the battle site. You must choose whether or not to chase after Fatman and get a few shots in, or defuse a bomb that is ticking away quickly. Once defeated, Fatman has one last task for you to do. Find the biggest bomb in the Big Shell before it goes off, with no help or guidance to find it. Lo and behold it is attached to him, and you are required to drag Fatman’s carcass to defuse it. Unlike the other bosses in Metal Gear Solid 2, he is most definitely not invulnerable (albeit a thick armored suit), but is still as challenging as the rest.


The End

Probably the greatest boss fight ever in gaming on par with Mantis. The End (if not killed earlier) provides a new boss fight never done before. The End is over 100 years old, with much experience in fighting under jungle conditions. Your objective, similar to Naked Snake/Big Boss, is to locate The End wherever he may be in 3 different screens via whatever method you need, and take him down. A battle of endurance, wit, and combat cap off a great boss fight. Unlike the other members of The Cobra Unit, The End is humble in defeat and respects your victory as “his time to go”. My personal favorite boss battle from the series.


The Boss

“One must die and one must live. No victory, no defeat. The survivor will carry on the fight. It is our destiny…”

Gaming characters don’t usually get as awesome as The Boss was. A legendary mercenary (like Snake becomes), The Boss is renown globally as the mother of special forces and is feared in combat. Being the mentor and trainer of Naked Snake, this rivalry is much more deep and personal than any other Metal Gear battle to date. Snake, never having beaten The Boss and resigning himself to telling himself he cannot beat her, must do the impossible. However, the villainous lady who hindered Snake from the beginning of Snake Eater, is actually a kind, loving soldier simply doing her job. Their final battle takes place in a field of flowers with the Snake Eater theme in the background. A fitting battle that defined this game, this is where Big Boss was born.

images (1)

Liquid Ocelot

“At last… Our father’s will… His Outer Heaven… Is complete”

I really cannot describe this battle. If you haven’t played it, do it for your own personal sake. If you are too lazy, Youtube it and enjoy. The end of Solid Snake. The end of Ocelot. The end of Liquid. The end of an era.

Last but not least..

Metal Gear

Metal Gear


Metal Gear. The reason why the games are indeed called Metal Gear. A participant in every single Metal Gear game, it is up to the protagonist to take down Metal Gear from the hands of the antagonist. Whether it be the Big Boss/Grey Fox controlled Metal Gear, to the ever popular Metal Gear Rex piloted by Liquid, to Metal Gear Ray under the control of Ocelot, or the Shagohod by Colonel Volgin, every Metal Gear has had its own separate way of battle that has evolved throughout the years. As weird as this sounds, my favorite battle against a Metal Gear would be Peace Walker, under the guidance of a deceased Boss. The emotion, the struggle, and the challenge of a tiny screen on the PSP. Who doesn’t love taking on Metal Gear?

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